Window Styles
Choose from any of the windows styles below we can discuss materials and their suitability to their intended use
Flush Sash Style Windows

Hinged opening sashes, 'Flush' with outside of the window frame.

EJMA / Stormproof Style Windows

Hinged opening sashes profiled around the outside of the window frame.

Large Section Style Windows / Screens

Deeper section option of the two varieties above, ideal for barn conversions or large screens.

Direct Glazed Style Windows

Just a window frame no opening sashes.

Imitation Box Frame Style Windows

Format giving the outside appearance of a 'Box Frame' window but internally a modern hinged variety. Top hung, top sash & fixed bottom sash.

Traditional Box or Spring Balance Style Frame Windows

Vertically sliding sashes on either traditional pulleys & weights or modern spring balances.

Horizontal Sliding 'Suffolk' Windows

Generally found in old properties and often for the historic/conservation project.

Obviously these are standard window styles, as a specialist joinery manufacture we can create any style to any design, please contact us for further details.
Some Notes to Remember
1. A Pressure Impregnated Preservative Treatment can be provided with all windows to stabilize and prolong life.
2. We can also provide a 3 coat sprayed Primer to seal the windows. Leaving only the top finishing coats to be applied by others once installed.
3. Windows in replacement as well as in new build situations may be subject to Building Control. Unless your building is within a Conservation Area or under Listed Building Control, then an application may need to be made. This service can also be provided.